Christ Community Church of Cortland NY

Welcome to the Christ Community Church of Cortland NY website! (We’re also on Facebook)

We are located on Tompkins Street in Cortlandville – GPS is 1093 RT 13, mailing address is 292 Tompkins St., Cortland NY 13045

phone: (607) 756-1710


Christ Community Church welcomes everyone to worship – regardless of economic class, racial/ethnic group, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, education or any other social distinction.

WORSHIP:  Summer Worship at 9:30 AM (except Aug. 7 & 14)

Pastor will address a series of “Hot Summer Topics” throughout the summer. Off campus worship Aug. 7th for Chautauqua, and Aug. 14th for Outdoor Worship.

Sun. August 28th Addiction

 The last “Summer Hot Topics” and early 9:30 AM worship will address our social issue of addiction – including the devastating opioid addiction across the country. How does our Christian faith help us to face real problems in the world we live in?


Sun. August 21st – Euthanasia/ When Does Life End

 Hot Summer Topics resume at 9:30 am morning Worship, with the moral dilemma of Euthanasia and End of Life concerns addressed. Vocalist Jack Carr will début a newly written hymn, “Safe Shores with You.” Refreshments and chance for conversation/talk back after worship.


Sun.  August 14th – Outdoor Worship 11 AM


Garry & Katia Marshes are hosting us at their cottage on Southeast Skaneateles Lake. Meet at church parking lot to carpool.  CCC will celebrate Outdoor Worship at 11 AM. “Consider the Lilies of the Field” – what lessons have you learned from nature? When has nature inspired you? Meet at church parking lot at 10:15 AM to carpool – cottage is above Glen Haven Restaurant, up the hill then down near end of road.
Bring a dish to pass for picnic lunch afterwards, your own plate & utensils and meat you want to grill. You can swim in the lake or splash at the shore if you wish.

Sun. August 7th – Chautauqua Sunday Homer Green

Sunday August 7th, the Rev. Dr. Marsha Williams, Associate Conference Minister of the New York Conference of United Church of Christ, will be the preacher for the 11:00 AM Chautauqua Worship on the Homer Village Green, under the Big Tent. There will NOT be any worship at CCC on Tompkins Street. Members and friends are encouraged to join the ecumenical worship in Homer. Lunch will be served afterwards.

Sun. July 31st – Abortion/Beginning of Life


Sunday July 31st, the Pastor returns to resume the “Hot Summer Topics” series with Abortion/When Does Life Begin?” At the end of July, local transmission of the zika virus, which can cause catastrophic failure for the brain to develop when a fetus is in the early stage of development, was reported in Florida. Worship will examine scriptures and their interpretation, knowledge of conception and human development that has come from science, and the theological concept of “Free Will.”

Sun. July 24th – Pulpit Guest Rev. Doug Deer

Sunday July 24th, Rev. Douglas Deer will offer a message, poem and hymns on a nautical theme at 9:30 am worship.

Sun. July 17th – Music Sunday


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Sunday morning July 17th, 9:30 AM worship will be a special Music Sunday, with lots of hymns and their histories, some congregational choice, and Jack Carr as special vocalist, together with Miss New York, Camille Sims! Dorothy Thomas helped plan our musical worship.

Sun. July 10th – Homophobia

The Pastor will continue a Summer Series on “Hot Topics” to be
addressed from the pulpit, this week focusing on homophobia. Rev. Dr. Janet Adair Hansen will present a Biblical review of the supposed “proof texts against homosexuality” and the greater Christian theological viewpoint of love, forgiveness and inclusion. Carolyn Winfrey Gillette’s new hymn for Orlando will be sung.

Sun. July 3rd – Gun Violence/Independence Weekend


Hot Summer Topics! A New York Times article on Mon. June 27th reported conservative Christian pastors responding to the Orlando shooting by wishing more had died. In contrast to that, the Pastor will look at the theological viewpoint of the Presbyterians, UCC and American Baptists regarding Gun Violence.