Lenten Veggie Fast

Veggie Fast

The UCC-NY Conference has set a goal for UCC members to engage in the spiritual discipline of a healthy diet and cleansing lifestyle that “blesses the earth” through ecologically sustainable and justice focused food choices and consumption habits. At least one day per week during Lent, each person who “pledges participation” will eat a mindful diet focused on blessing the earth as well as her/his mind, body and spirit. During Lent (Feb. 18 – Apr. 4) participants pledge to:

  • Eat locally grown, raised and produced foods whenever possible… reducing their carbon footprint and supporting local farmers.
  • Observe at least one meatless day… for your health and the health of the planet (“Meatless Monday” is suggested)
  • Purchase and consume Fair Trade coffee and other products… a matter of justice by providing living wages for farm workers.
  • Purchase and consume less processed foods… less packaging… less waste
  • Eat produce grown organically or without chemicals… for the health of planet and you
  • Avoid GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism)… encouraging biodiversity — for the health of you and the planet

You can pledge NOW to join the New York Conference “Lenten Veggie Fast (Blessing the Earth) simply by “friending” the new Facebook page where we will build our online community around the Lenten fast. Share your journey, ideas and challenges on our Facebook page, including vegetarian recipes that you recommend. If you do not have access to Facebook, you can pledge to participate by filling out the pledge below and placing it in the Church Offering plate.

I, ______________________, pledge to participate in the Lenten Veggie Fast and in so doing bless the earth this Lent.

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