Conversations About Our Church Oct. 19th & 26th

future church

Using a deliberative process developed by the National Issues Forum Institute, an ad hoc committee has produced a guideline for full discussion about the way forward for our church.  Members and friends are strongly encouraged to stay after worship on Sun. Oct. 19th and again on Sun. Oct. 26th (sandwiches will be provided for light lunch).

Discussion will be around 4 approaches to challenges facing our church.  Strengths and drawbacks for each approach will be explored. Comments will be noted, and while no vote for definitive action will be taken, straw polls will reflect the enthusiasm for various options.

Jenny Wissink, Ralph Hesse, Dick Carle, Sherlyn Pallassino, Jeff Wheatley and Doug Garnar have provided an outline for discussion, and will act as facilitators.

  1. Connect with other churches by combining resources and/or establishing joint services.  Create a possible full-fledged merger with another church or churches.
  1. Develop clear and concerted initiatives to add new members to our church, possibly through strong advertisement, greater community visibility and signage, and/or person-to-person outreach.
  1. Focus on making our church more relevant and impactful for our community by developing strong initiatives that are of interest and meet needs in our community and nation.
  1. Maintain the general “status quo” by focusing on our strengths and concentrating on our current congregational needs and interests.