Children’s Sabbath Oct. 19th


The Children’s Defense Fund promotes Interfaith Observance of “Children’s Sabbath” on the 3rd weekend of October. This year’s theme is “Precious in God’s Sight: Answering God’s Call to Cherish and Protect Every Child.” Scripture passages will be from Matthew 19:13-15 and Isaiah 43:1-7, with Ann Weems’ poem “Greenless Child”  forming the basis for a prayer of commitment. Video clip will be from Imagine That, the scene “How To Sing” where a father played by Eddie Murphy encourages his young daughter for a school performance.

World Communion Offering

Fox Ruth & Chuck in Burma

Chuck and Ruth Fox serve as American Baptist missionaries, who for the past 12 years have worked with the approximately 75,000 Akha hill tribe people living in Northern Thailand. The Foxes’ ministry focuses on evangelism, pastoral care, education, leadership development and women’s ministries.

Ruth Fox, a college friend of a church member, and her husband Chuck visited our church in April 2012 to talk about their mission work. Last December (2013),  Chuck & Ruth had the privilege to go to Myanmar (Burma) to attend the 200th anniversary of Adoniram Judson’s arrival there and revisit Ruth’s childhood home. Ruth’s mother, Rosemary Gilson, and father served as missionaries until 1966, when Burma no longer officially allowed foreign missionaries to serve there.