Adult Sunday School Class Sept. – Oct.


After a chance to get coffee, adults  gather in the Sanctuary by 9:15 AM to talk about prayer, with the help of short 5 minute videos and a discussion sheet.

What is prayer? Does it simply consist of getting something out of God or does it tap into something deeper in us, a longing for intimate connection, as a parent picks up a child to hold them? Our curriculum starts the discussion as to what prayer means and how we regain a practice that is at the core of who we are.

Seven videos are included, where theologians and thinkers  share their own journeys of prayer. There are also suggestions for practices that can either be done alone or communally.

Sept. 28th “The Passage of Prayer” features

Jean Vanier on prayer not as manipulative practice but door to new consciousness

Oct. 5th “Prayer as Communion” (Part 1) features Richard Rohr on prayer bringing together disconnected pieces of ourselves

Oct. 12th “Prayer as Communion” (Part 2) features Ian Morgan Cron on prayer networks of connection, caring and love

Oct. 19th “Prayer as Spiritual Detox” features Sarah Bessey on how to detox from the things that clog up our lives

Oct. 26th “Prayer as Listening” features Phileena Heuertz on how we can hear God’s voice and change the way we “talk” to God in prayer


September Sermon Series on “Evil”

The topic of moral and spiritual evil is being explored in worship and in sermon for 4 Sundays through the month of September.

Sept. 7th – Evil & ISIS

Sept. 14th – Evil and 9-11

Sept. 21st – Evil and Natural Disaster (tsunami, earthquakes, hurricanes)

Sept. 28th – Social Evil & Film “On the Waterfront”